Typology 2 - INTERFACES/GARDENS (portraits in the gardens): The first factor we need to comprehend is that photography itself represents a rich index (indicator) of information that’s linked to the images codified in our memory, family pictures, movies and so on… The photos always encourage ourselves to be aware of what we see, how we see it and how our emotions are awaken and shaped by images. Here the portraits make it possible to assume the others’ existence, a portrait between information (man and objects) and image (garden). A person, thanks to the objects or the attributes, establishes his professional space and his desires. The garden has got a triple meanings here: the inner life or the person portrayed, the dialogue between this person and the photographer, and the observer’s idea. “ … BECAUSE THEY GIVE MAN WHAT HE WISHES, TO BE WHATEVER HE WANTS” (Giovanni Pico della Mirandola).

Cecilia Agostini
Katarzyna & Mario
Zainesc Mebratu Birle
Anna Marchlewska
Fabio Canino
Anna Zoll Film
Francesco De Fabiis
Theo Allegretti
Linda Battistini
Patrick Dada
Maddalena Salvatore
Anita Pilat
Vincenzo & Abel / Alba & Raska
Adele & Angelica
Martina Solazzi