Typology 3 - SOCIAL CONDITIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY / TREATMENT OF ACTUALITY (group portraits in large niches): German photographer August Sander stated: “To make a beautiful portrait, you first need to UNDERSTAND SOCIETY AS A WHOLE”. Every society has their own history, and the history loves to be hysterical. We live in the time when excessive technology is damaging our civilization, the model of contemporary man cripples words and images, it demands the conversion of our minds with machines, our society becomes alienated in a world of advertising. Industrialization and financial structures have led to the deregulation and drill of the contemporary society. The Modern industries have created the artificial paradises, the artificial ideas, the spaces where each person demonstrates that it’s the social being that determines his conscience, and the unconscious person creates the DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM of which Karl Marx wrote. In this typology, the goal is to show the traces of the society evolution in my photos, as well as the changes that have taken place, and at the same time to induce you to think of the very acts of representation and the act of perception. The Group portrait (in niches) has the meaning of a TIME COMPRESSION. As a photographer, I focus on presenting problems such as the self-portrait of consumerism, the economic and ecological problems, the discrimination, as well as the other aspects of life in the social groups. As a man / observer / photographer, I document the world where I live, and the reconstruction of one’s desires and notions is up to you. I hint that each of us is the creator, director, and architect of his or her own life. If you judge or look at the world with prejudice, remember that you belong to Typology number 3, and this means there is still a long way to go toward the ALLIANCE WITH THE UNIVERSE and the comprehension of one’s OWN INTERFACE, which begins with acceptance and love for oneself, rejecting all the models and dogmas given by the external system.