Swimmers / Diving

Edmund Kurenia, with his contemporary interpretation of "neoclassicism", captures the artistic gesture of the athlete. The photographer met 14 athletes / Olympians from an Italian swim team and created the images as "readings of the human body" documenting the subject in every detail, in its relevance. To realize his shots, Kurenia dressed the athletes in clothes created by young designers from the Academy of Costume and Fashion. Photographic production is therefore regarded as a source of reconstruction of the way in which Western man saw himself and, through his own image, revealed the values ​​and ideas that belong to him. His ideas and stylistic research are focused on the implementation of photographic work inspired by the classic "body portrait", which expresses harmony and eternity, reveals the perfection of the elements that "construct" the study of proportions, nudity, schematization, symbolism, naturalism. Kurena's black-and-white photographs sculpt the chromatic relationships that define a direct relationship between the body and the statue.

Edoardo Giorgetti
Chiara Miglietta
Federico Vanelli
Margherita Panziera
Simone Ruffini
Veronica Santoni
Pasquale Sanzullo
Sofia Iurasek
Alex Di Giorgio
Letizia Paruscio
Luca Mencarini
Daniele D'Angelo
Lorenzo Marsaglia
Lorenzo Marsaglia
Andreas Larsen
Andreas Larsen